UC Browser for PC

UC Browser for PC is a complete browsing system that was initially designed for the devices running on the Android operating system. Its Windows version is based on Chromium and has certain important features like compatibility with most standards of web world, fast and backed by a number of other integrated features that make it better than other browsers available these days.

The interface of UC Browser has proved its intuitiveness and familiarity with the users of Google Chrome due to its shared heritage of Chromium. However, its original version was comfortable for the classic Windows operating system. It has its own shop of themes which allows it to customize the things at it’s high level. It does not use over 200 MB memory as compared to Chrome and Firefox, even if its several options remain open.


UC Browser for PC is gaining popularity these days due to a number of its advantages like:

Mini Version: In order to use UC Browser for Android devices with lesser space its mini version is also available. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the main browser just by consuming 20 MB space at the most. Though UI of this mini version it different from main version still it is more powerful than the later one.

Night Mode: This feature of UC Browser allows you to save the life of your battery. You can switch on night mode it you are running out of battery to extend its life. While browsing at might this feature also protects your eyes.

Browse with Gestures: It is an add-on feature of this browser. It allows you to visit a website just by drawing or clicking on its gesture you have saved on your system. You can also use gestures to switch on or off as well as swing up and down the tabs in this browser

Cloud Boost Technology: Basically this technology was used in the web server of UC to increase its speed. This technology helps in loading data as well as disabling or enabling the data at a faster pace by using in this browser.

Download in the Background: The process of downloading the data continues even after you have left UC Browser. The process can be discontinued only when the Wi-Fi is disconnected. But it can resume downloading as soon the Wi-Fi is reconnected.

Compatibility with multiple languages: This browser is used by over 400 million people all over the world living in different countries ad familiar with different languages. For this reason, this browser is made to understand and use nearly 11 languages used in almost all the operating systems including Blackberry, Android, Windows, iOS and Symbian etc.

Optimized preloading: This feature allows the browser loads the next page when you are reading the current page. It will load the next page as you are going to end the present page. Thus it provides an excellent reading experience.

U-Disk: In case you have limited or low space to store your data then this browser also offers additional space to save your files in the form of U-Disk. You can store your data in the cloud as U-Disk is a cloud service offered by UC Browser.

Ad blocking: This feature of UC Browser for PC can be used to block unwanted and annoying ads. It will also help in increasing the speed of your Wi-Fi connection. The ad blocking feature of this browser is very powerful as it can block the ads at an exceptionally faster speed than earlier.
Wi-Fi Sharing: This feature of this browser allows you to share your downloaded files easily with the other devices using the same Wi-Fi connection.

For proper operation of the browser, activate Windows.

System requirements for downloading

If you want to download UC Browser on your laptop or PC then you will have to fulfill minimum requirements including:

  1. You must have a device with Windows Vista /Windows XP/Windows 8.1/ Windows 7 or Windows 10 as its operating system.
  2. Your device must have 512 MB memory.
  3. Your hard disk must have free space up to 200 MB.
  4. Your processor should be of P4 or higher configuration.


After reviewing UC Browser for PC is can be concluded easily that it is an amazing browser that saves lots of data than other popular browsers in the market. This browser with a number of benefits has also made it faster and easier to surf online due to its inbuilt features.