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UC Browser For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP – Free Download:

UC Browser For PC: The World without entertainment is like the world without joy. Nowadays smartphones are ruling the world. People carrying the smartphones everywhere just simply browsing on the internet and enjoying their time. So browser plays an important role in our day to day life. There are several browsers available for us to download but we need the best one. In this article, we are going to tell UC Browser For PC is the best browser and the reason why it is the best browser.

UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

UC Browser

UC Browser For PC Free Download:

UC Browser is the best browser of all time. The only reason for its success is it is having many inbuilt applications which are not available in any other browsers. The best feature of UC Browser For PC is it is having its own inbuilt downloading manager. By which we can easily download the videos from the website. No need to use any other external downloading manager. UC browser is not only available for PC it is also available for various devices in various formats. Download UC Browser For Windows, UC Browser For PC, UC Browser PC, UC Browser Apk For Android, UC Browser For Mac PC.

UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

UC Browser For PC

UC Browser -Cross Platform Application:

UC Browser is one among the browser application which is cross-platform available to all the devices such as UC Browser For iOS, UC Browser Apk, UC Browser For Linux, UC Browser For Blackberry. Here you can download UC Browser for all formats. The features available in one brand is same for all the brand. It is the best part of UC Browser Application. There are many additional features available in UC Browser. Read the post completely to know about all the features.

UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

Download UC Browser

Additional  Features in UC Browser:

Language Support:

UC browser can translate the website content into many languages like RussianVietnamese, IndonesianFrenchPortugueseSpanishHindi, TamilChinese(Traditional), ArabicMalay.

UC News:

UC browser comes with the inbuilt news application which will give news in your own mother tongue. For that, we need to set the preferred language. By setting the preferred language one can get the news in his language.

UC Games:

Comes with inbuilt online Games. The user can play the games online. No need to download the game just play it in online. UC browser will filter the games and give the best based on your interest.

UC Cricket:

UC Cricket is also available in the browser. Live cricket score will be updated in the browser application automatically. No need to navigate to any separate application or website to see scores. The scores will get updates for every ball.

Footer Control:

  • If you want to open the browser in the night too much brightness will affect your eyes and even causes irritation. A special feature is introduced in UC Browser For PC called night mode by which the UI will get changed to black in color. It supports night reading and night browsing.
  • The brightness can also be increased and reduced separately for the browser. If you close or navigate to some other application the brightness will again come to normal. This brightness control is only for UC Browser Application does not affect any other application.
  • The volume can also be controlled separately. The videos which we play in UC browser can be played in that specified volume. Outside application will play on the system volume.

UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows


UC Browser comes with the inbuilt feature which is not available in any other browser called Ad- Block feature. With the help of this, ads in the web page will be removed. So the user will get a good experience of browsing.

Features of UC Browser For PC:

  • UC browser comes with the cloud connectivity. By which all the settings are stored in the UC Browser. So even if you uninstall the application the settings will be getting moved to the new UC Browser application.
  • The cloud features are completely free for all. So it can save all the username and passwords for all the websites.
  • Like Chrome, UC Browser also comes with form auto-fill technology which will fill the form automatically so the user no need to fill it with them. This is really good to have.
  • UC Browser has offline page management by which the user can save the web page and see it whenever they want to see even in offline.
  • UC Browser For Windows has internal downloading manger by which the downloads can be managed by it.
  • The download will be paused and resumed at any time.
  • UC Browser For PC comes with internal video and audio player so the downloaded videos can be opened and played in that internal player. So we don’t need to download any external video player.
  • The downloaded videos can be stored at any time. We can even change the default download location.
  • Unlike other browsers, UC Browser For PC comes with low data mode by which it will consume very fewer data and load the web page. It will automatically compress the image and CSS contents and load the page at very high speed.
  • The bookmarked page will be available below the address bar so it will be easy for the users to navigate to the bookmarked websites.
  • Recently accessed websites and most visited websites are shown on the home page of the UC browser.
UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

Features Of UC Browser For PC

Download UC Browser For PC-Windows:

UC Browser is directly available for the windows market. So we no need to install the Bluestacks to use the UC Browser on your PC. Just click the download button below and the download will start immediately.

UC Browser Apk For Android, UC Browser Application, UC Browser

How To Install UC Browser For PC:

  • After downloading the UC Browser just double-click on it. The installation will get started.
  • In the beginning, it will ask you to create an account to sync all your details to the cloud by that if you reinstall or open in any other UC Browser all the details such as bookmark, history will get synced to the new UC Application.
UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

Install UC Browser

  • The user can easily set the default search engine.
  • The links of popular websites in each category are given in the home page itself. So the user can easily get navigate to any page they want.


There are plenty of features available in the UC browser Application. As we discussed is very less. Stay with us for more updates about the features of UC Browser For PC. UC Browser team introduce a lot of features in every update. Download UC Browser Apk For Android, UC browser For iOS. simply UC Browser is the One Browser For All Device.

UC Browser,UC Browser For PC, UC Browser For Windows

UC Browser For PC